Friday, February 22, 2013


This week has been killer.  I am beyond ecstatic that the weekend is so close.  I can always tell when I am super stressed out because I online shop like nobody's business.

I got this necklace from etsy store Olive Yew Jewels.  I absolutely love it!  I typically am not a necklace wearing type of person because I hate feeling anything on my neck.  This necklace is so light and dainty I can't even tell I'm wearing it.  This necklace is great for layering and shipped super fast. 

I am also in love with my new smashbox eye shadow pallet.  I totally forgot about it but my mom got it for me for valentines day.  I joke that it will take me three years to use because lately makeup has been nonexistent.  I love the colors and will definitely have to play around with them this weekend.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Another weekend is over.  This weather has been absolutely amazing.  I got some sun this weekend (which was much needed).  I woke up this morning surprised that I was sun burned.  So I started my work out/tanning routine for Vegas.  With it being less than 2 months away and considering I will be living in my bikini I'm really pushing myself.  One thing I discovered that is an amazing ab work out is the hula hoop.  I know sounds kind of crazy right.  But, I will hula hoop for about ten minutes with out the hoop falling and holding my hands above my head and I am definitely feeling the burn.  I am going to go back to yoga this up coming week as well.  Yoga is one of my favorite things to do.  It is such a good stress reliever and really works my muscles.  I just wish Yoga wasn't so dam expensive! I am personally not looking at loosing weight I just want to tone up.  I'm open to other work out options and any suggestions I will gladly love. 
This year I have to say that I had the best valentines day I've ever had.  Rob surprised me the night before with my gift.  He got me a Tiffany's bracelet which I LOVE!  Then on Valentine's day it was my choice for us to stay home.  I wanted to just spend the time with him.  And plus considering how much we go out a night at home was just what I wanted.  So when Rob came home be brought me a bouquet for roses and a bouquet of candy.  Since I have such a sweet tooth the candy bouquet was my favorite. We had pizza, drank cheap wine and watched cheesy movies....which is def my find of night.
Saturday I got the opportunity to attend the Strong Beer Festival thanks to Local Lilly!  It was pretty awesome.  Since Rob is a big beer drinker he was in heaven getting to sample all of the different IPAs out there.  I of course opted for whatever was the lightest at each booth.  At the fest I realized that I was a good hula hooper.  Rob kept trying to get me to do it so finally when I did he couldn't believe how long I could go for.  Hence my new work out lol.  The food at the beer fest was disappointing.  We decided to split nachos that ended up being cold yuck!  Afterwords we made our way to Dos Gringos to play some golden tee (of course) and have some street tacos.  Saturday night I was home and in bed by 9 with the start of a hang over from day drinking all day. 
Sunday so far has been spent running errands. Since we were in bed so early we were up by 8 ready to go. Typical we went to home depot, kohl's, petsmart and target all before noon. I had my first veggie burger today for lunch. I have to say it was pretty good. I also tried the fake chicken wings but those were not my favorite. Because I eat chicken so often fake chicken is the hardest replacement for myself to adjust to. My favourite fake meat option would be the veggie sausages. They taste so good I could honestly go eat one right now. Any who hope everyone is enjoying there weekend! Below are some pics from this week!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hello are you there?

I know I know my blog has completely taken the back seat to my life.  I was traveling the past couple weeks and I didn't even know if I was coming or going.  New posts are soon to follow.  Below are some pics of what I have been doing in the mean time.