Thursday, June 6, 2013


When I was at the store I saw loreal's glitter nail stickers.  I've seen people post pictures of them and they looked really cool so I thought I would give them a try. There like $8 bucks.  Super easy to apply.  And I have to explain the glitter part is only on the end so you have to paint your nails a color before applying.  Well by time I polished and added my top coat, and then applied the stickers I'm thinking dam these look good.  Then I decide I need to put a top coat on top of the sticker.  MAJOR FAIL!!! Before my eyes I am seeing them shrivel up.  They ended up looking like a crackle nail (which I am not a fan of).  They did not come with enough stickers to redo all of them so I just did a few.  Well problem with the sticker nails that I redid was they would get caught on things and would drive me crazy.  The nails I redid ended up peeling off quicker.  Overall I would not purchase these nail stickers again. I've used the Sally Hansen ones as well as the Essie nail stickers and have not had this problem before.  For now ill keep the nail art to the pros. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Product review.

I know I have been m.i.a.  And I totally thought being broken would give me more time to blog but that was definitely not the case.  When you do nothing and go no where you have nothing to blog about!  And I'm sure no one wanted to read the play by plays of my shows.  So I'm back up and running (not literally running yet). But I am moving with no boot and life is back to normal 😃.  I found some new products that I fell in love with and wanted to share. The first thing that I actually just got is a beauty blender.  I know I'm pretty late to the game on this one but I love it.  I actually don't use it to apply my foundation.  I only use it to apply my concealer.  The first time I tried it I just popped it out of the container and straight to my face.  The first time using it I was like wtf is the big deal about this thing?  Then I googled and figured out wetting it just enough to get it damp gets the best results well at least that's what I have found from my experience. The beauty blender works really well with any pro finish concealer.  They go for $20 bucks and you can find them at your local Sephora.  They do sell a beauty blender cleanser as well to go with it but I did not purchase that.  Once I got home and tried cleaning it with soap and water I instantly regretted not getting it.  Then I pulled out a cleanser that I have from Lancôme and it worked like a charm.  I clean it after every use to avoid bacteria.  
The next product that I found was a random purchase.  Does anyone remember the brand hard candy?  They use to sell there nail polish in Nieman Marcus back in the day.  Now you can find the brand at Walmart.  Whenever I go to Walmart I make a effort to check out the hard candy stuff.  I guess that kid inside of me is still dying for those nail polishes with a cute plastic ring attached.  I ended up picking up one of there baked bronzers.  The color I got was in tiki which turned out to be not much of a bronzer at all.  It's funny because it is a very gold tone and I ended up using it as a highlighter to give me a glowing look.  I really love it as a highlighter would not recommend it as a bronzer you will be very disappointed.  I think it's great for the summer to add a beachy glow.  Plus it's only $6 bucks!
The last thing that I finally splurged on has been on my wish list for awhile now.  I finally took the plunge and bought the naked pallet.  I had purchased a urban decay pallet in the past (forgive me I can't remember the name of it). But it had like 15 colors in it and I still have the thing.  The colors in my old pallet were more purples, blues, and grays.  All of urban decays eye colors are super pigmented and for getting 12 colors and a eye primer it was well worth it.  I'm not one to do eye make up every day.  When going to work I keep it very natural so and use a brown tint eye shadow.  I have been playing with the colors in the naked pallet so far and I am definitely in love.  

Monday, April 15, 2013


I don't know why it had taken me so long to take the plunge and buy a Chi straightner.  Considering some of the other things I blow my money on is just dumb.  I go through phases of how I wear my hair and I have been curling my hair for awhile now that I was ready for a change.  The straightner that I had before was a cheapie that I got from Tj maxx or Marshall's.  So when I used the Chi for the first time I was surprised how straight my hair got.  Call me crazy but I'm a girl that loves volume.....the bigger the hair the better.  I only straightened the ends of my hair and stayed clear of my crown to leave the volume in my hair.  Overall I'm very happy with the purchase especially because it is purple chevron.  Obsessed. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Last week I had a big birthday.  And I have to say I am very optimistic about 27.  I have had a lot of things going on lately that have just had me in a shitty mood.  Like everything else, I decided to leave all the negative behind with 26. Since I broke my ankle I have been pretty limited on the things that I could do and the places I could go and that was really getting me down.  Well the day before my birthday I found out that I needed to be on crutches for two more weeks.  I immediately wanted to burst into tears.  At that point I did some searching and praying to the geriatric gods that I could find a knee scooter to rent.  Well I got lucky and found a place that was willing to rent me a brand new one.  Apparently scooters are a hot item in AZ.  So I got my scooter and I've been flying down the halls at work like I'm a little kid on a razor scooter.  On my birthday Rob took me out to dinner and we really enjoyed ourselves.  My mother was out of town so I got to celebrate with her this past weekend at brunch.  The day after my birthday I had a major anxiety attack.  I had just gotten home from work and fed martini and all of a sudden she starts freaking out....low and behold she was stung by a scorpion.  Picture me on crutches, crying and freaking out like a nut job.  Luckily my sister lives close and was able to come get us to take her to the hospital.  It was so scary because she immediately went limp and was breathing crazy heavy.  My heart just sunk in my chest and I felt horrible that she was in that much pain.  At the animal hospital they gave her two shots and told me she just needed to rest.  She was back to normal in about two days.  Thank God.  I have to say I've had a super stressful month and my body can show from it.  I've lost about 10 pds.  I guess breaking a ankle has been the best thing for me to get into bikini shape. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10 things I've learned in my 20's

Since my birthday is around the corner I have been doing a lot of reflecting.  The past 6 years have been crazy, chaotic, dramatic and educational.  I am a true believer that time changes everything.  Now I'm not one of the best people to give advice however I've been there.
1. Be grateful for every opportunity. Early on in my career I took a position working for a entertainment based publication selling advertisement. I look back now and think that was by far the coolest job that I have ever had. Attending so many party's and meeting so many interesting people I really regret not sticking with it. At the time I had let my work life and a shitty boyfriend mentally and physically wreck my world. The reality of it was I was young and fresh out of college. I spent more time taking naps then taking meetings.
2. Sometimes you have to kiss ass before you can kick it. Coming out of college everyone has this dream of making 100k for doing nothing. And like mentioned previously those naps I was taking were reflecting my paycheck. Now being completely cut off by my parents I got motivated quickly to get my shit together. I learned that working 12 hour days were standard. I learned to suck up to get what I wanted because nothing was going to fall into my lap without hard work.
3. Don't be cheap when buying your shoes, purse and vodka. In your 20's you learn who has the best happy hour and what stores have the best deals. I live by this statement. My hangovers only seem to get worse and worse with age. I remember being 18 using a fake ID at the Bronco drive thru liquor store. Most of my Thursday nights were spent consuming bottomless amounts of popov. Drinking it now is the equivalent of rubbing alcohol. I don't know what I was thinking.
4.  Don't burn your bridges.  You never know when you will need some one's help down the line.  This was one of my mistakes I made early on.  I've burned bridges and this is one of my biggest regrets.
5.  Learn to be selfish.  It's really odd to think about this but every job that I have had up until my last position when quiting I would start crying.  I would cry because I felt like I was letting them down.  When in reality I shouldn't be upset that I am leaving a position but, look at it as taking on a new challenge.  And like most people that leave there jobs each jump has been for more money.  More money= a better life for Martini.
6.  Dress age appropriate.  Now I realize I don't have the body of a 18 yr old.  I think it was around 25 when my body really started to change.  And when I say change I don't mean get fat.  I mean when trying on clothing in the juniors section the cuts were just not flattering anymore.  It's like clothing had started to get shorter and shorter.  And shorter cuts with older age does not go well.
7.  No matter how much of a troll another woman is to you your obligated to be happy for her when she gets engaged before you.  I know deep down inside we all have that one fenemy that we just can't stand.  And when the day comes that they are flaunting that rock the only thing you can think is "that bitch'.  When in reality everyone has a different life path.  I am not the same person that I was at 20, 23 or 25.  I cannot image my life any other way and I am incredibly grateful for that.  So moral of the story let her have her day. 
8.  Love and cherish your friends.  Your friends are the people who pick you up when you are down.  They are the people that you laugh with non stop for hours over the stupidest things.  They are the people that you share late nights, early mornings and an endless amount of stories that you would be to embarrassed to shared with the world.  They are your sisters from other misters. 
9.  Travel while you can.  When your in your 20's its still OK to stay with your friends.  More friends= more crash pads.  Cheaper trips give you the opportunity to experience more places. 
10.  Don't judge people over insignificant things. Be opened minded.  You never know who you will share a true connection with.  I know personally in the past I have been judgemental over stupid things .

Half moon mani

When I was on I found a tutorial on the half moon mani.  I totally thought that my version would come out like a pinterest disaster.  However to my surprise they turned out really cute.  I decided to pick bright colors to test this out on.  When doing the half moon mani pick out two different colors.  Apply the lighter color first and let it completely dry.  Then using your half moon stickers apply it 3/4 of the way down on your nail.  Paint the 2nd color and leave the sticker on for about one minute for it to dry.  This manicure is super quick and super fun.  Pretty happy that is was a success!  If I can do this anyone can!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Million dollar tan update

I just wanted to give an update on my tan.  It
lasted about a solid 4-5 days.  I think the product would be really good if on day 3 I had applied another coat.  I did have a few problem areas.  For my hands and feet I had mixed the solution with lotion and applied.  However, there was a visible difference in color when mixing the solution with lotion.  I think next time I will apply the product to my hands and feet with the blotting brush for more of a even look.  Like I had said previously in my last post it is very important to have someone else help you apply the solution to areas such as your back and back of your legs.  Another thing I was worried about was having that spray tan smell.  The first day there was a slight spray tan odor.  It wasn't very strong and after the first day the scent was completely gone.  Overall I would suggest the product.  Next time I am going to try the extreme tan color.  If you are looking to get more information on Million dollar tan check out there website here.