Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10 things I've learned in my 20's

Since my birthday is around the corner I have been doing a lot of reflecting.  The past 6 years have been crazy, chaotic, dramatic and educational.  I am a true believer that time changes everything.  Now I'm not one of the best people to give advice however I've been there.
1. Be grateful for every opportunity. Early on in my career I took a position working for a entertainment based publication selling advertisement. I look back now and think that was by far the coolest job that I have ever had. Attending so many party's and meeting so many interesting people I really regret not sticking with it. At the time I had let my work life and a shitty boyfriend mentally and physically wreck my world. The reality of it was I was young and fresh out of college. I spent more time taking naps then taking meetings.
2. Sometimes you have to kiss ass before you can kick it. Coming out of college everyone has this dream of making 100k for doing nothing. And like mentioned previously those naps I was taking were reflecting my paycheck. Now being completely cut off by my parents I got motivated quickly to get my shit together. I learned that working 12 hour days were standard. I learned to suck up to get what I wanted because nothing was going to fall into my lap without hard work.
3. Don't be cheap when buying your shoes, purse and vodka. In your 20's you learn who has the best happy hour and what stores have the best deals. I live by this statement. My hangovers only seem to get worse and worse with age. I remember being 18 using a fake ID at the Bronco drive thru liquor store. Most of my Thursday nights were spent consuming bottomless amounts of popov. Drinking it now is the equivalent of rubbing alcohol. I don't know what I was thinking.
4.  Don't burn your bridges.  You never know when you will need some one's help down the line.  This was one of my mistakes I made early on.  I've burned bridges and this is one of my biggest regrets.
5.  Learn to be selfish.  It's really odd to think about this but every job that I have had up until my last position when quiting I would start crying.  I would cry because I felt like I was letting them down.  When in reality I shouldn't be upset that I am leaving a position but, look at it as taking on a new challenge.  And like most people that leave there jobs each jump has been for more money.  More money= a better life for Martini.
6.  Dress age appropriate.  Now I realize I don't have the body of a 18 yr old.  I think it was around 25 when my body really started to change.  And when I say change I don't mean get fat.  I mean when trying on clothing in the juniors section the cuts were just not flattering anymore.  It's like clothing had started to get shorter and shorter.  And shorter cuts with older age does not go well.
7.  No matter how much of a troll another woman is to you your obligated to be happy for her when she gets engaged before you.  I know deep down inside we all have that one fenemy that we just can't stand.  And when the day comes that they are flaunting that rock the only thing you can think is "that bitch'.  When in reality everyone has a different life path.  I am not the same person that I was at 20, 23 or 25.  I cannot image my life any other way and I am incredibly grateful for that.  So moral of the story let her have her day. 
8.  Love and cherish your friends.  Your friends are the people who pick you up when you are down.  They are the people that you laugh with non stop for hours over the stupidest things.  They are the people that you share late nights, early mornings and an endless amount of stories that you would be to embarrassed to shared with the world.  They are your sisters from other misters. 
9.  Travel while you can.  When your in your 20's its still OK to stay with your friends.  More friends= more crash pads.  Cheaper trips give you the opportunity to experience more places. 
10.  Don't judge people over insignificant things. Be opened minded.  You never know who you will share a true connection with.  I know personally in the past I have been judgemental over stupid things .

Half moon mani

When I was on I found a tutorial on the half moon mani.  I totally thought that my version would come out like a pinterest disaster.  However to my surprise they turned out really cute.  I decided to pick bright colors to test this out on.  When doing the half moon mani pick out two different colors.  Apply the lighter color first and let it completely dry.  Then using your half moon stickers apply it 3/4 of the way down on your nail.  Paint the 2nd color and leave the sticker on for about one minute for it to dry.  This manicure is super quick and super fun.  Pretty happy that is was a success!  If I can do this anyone can!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Million dollar tan update

I just wanted to give an update on my tan.  It
lasted about a solid 4-5 days.  I think the product would be really good if on day 3 I had applied another coat.  I did have a few problem areas.  For my hands and feet I had mixed the solution with lotion and applied.  However, there was a visible difference in color when mixing the solution with lotion.  I think next time I will apply the product to my hands and feet with the blotting brush for more of a even look.  Like I had said previously in my last post it is very important to have someone else help you apply the solution to areas such as your back and back of your legs.  Another thing I was worried about was having that spray tan smell.  The first day there was a slight spray tan odor.  It wasn't very strong and after the first day the scent was completely gone.  Overall I would suggest the product.  Next time I am going to try the extreme tan color.  If you are looking to get more information on Million dollar tan check out there website here.

Monday, March 18, 2013


This past weekend Rob took me to Big Bear to go snowboarding.  I've never been to Big Bear before and was really excited to explore a new town and some new runs.  One of Rob's best friends that lives out in San Diego came up and met us with his girlfriend.  It took us about 5 hours to drive up.  Since we drove up after work on Friday when we got there it was around 11.  We checked in to our hotel which looked like a huge cabin on the outside however the inside not so much.  I was kind of surprised because the town only had three late night bars.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat and had some drinks til the bars closed. 
The next day we go up early and headed to bear mountain.  Once we got to the mountain Shirley and I took a lesson and the boys headed to the top of the mountain.  Since I have gone snowboarding before I think the lesson I took was not that helpful to me.  Plus they teach in such a large group that you have to fight for a instructors attention.  After the lesson we met the boys back at the beach bar and had a couple drinks.  I couldn't get over how hot it was outside.  It was in the 60's and when I had all my gear on I felt absolutely miserable.  At first I didn't understand why everyone there wears sunglasses instead of goggles.  But after riding a bit my face would get so sweaty it would drive me crazy.  But it was so bright out that I needed to wear something to cover my eyes.  I had finally accomplished going down my first intermediate run.  My biggest problem is stopping quick.  After awhile I started to pick it up. 
Once I made it to the bottom of the mountain I had unstrapped my back foot and started to skate to the side.  One thing I am completely paranoid of getting hit by someone.  I don't trust other people and I feel like there are so many people out there that don't take lessons and don't have control over what they are doing so I am constantly looking behind me to make sure I'm safe.  Well, while I was looking back and saw a kid coming in hot towards me I slipped and fell.  My body went one way and my board went the other way.  I'm a girl and immediately started crying.  I knew it was broken.  It was such a dumb fall it honestly could have happened at my house if I was messing around with my board.  The ski patrol had to take me down to the medic.  They took a look at it and told me I needed to go to the hospital. At the hospital I got x-rays and then it was confirmed that I did indeed break my ankle. 
 At this point I felt horrible because of my accident it ruined the whole trip.  We were all planning on going out Saturday night to celebrate St. Patty's but I was in bed by 7 resting.  The next morning me and Rob got up early and started the drive home.  Driving in a car for 5 hours with a broken ankle is not ideal.  However I did enjoy the scenic views.  Big Bear is really gorgeous and its hard to believe its just 2 hours from LA.  That's the crazy thing about California because it is so big there are so many different area's that look different.  We stopped in Palm Springs on the way home and had breakfast at a place called Lulu's.  I of course got the strawberry waffle and Rob did a southwest omelet.  Palm Springs reminds me of Scottsdale but less douchey.  That's probably why I like it so much.  The only problem was that because I am on crutches everyone was staring at me.  I have to say it was slightly embarrassing.
Rob has been amazing.  I feel horrible I have been a complete asshole and just bitching because I am frustrated at the things that I can't do.  He has been completely understanding and literally waiting on me hand and foot.  I really appreciate everything that he has been doing for me.  I don't know what I would do with out him.  So this afternoon I'm going to a orthopedic specialist to get my leg set.  I am really hoping that they decide to give me a walking cast.  I HATE CRUTCHES.  I just want to throw them away.  Since I am very limited on what I can do I expect to get my blog back together. 

Friday, March 15, 2013


I feel like pinterest has set me up with unrealistic shopping expectations.  Its like every time I go on pinterest I find the cutest stuff but when I try to find where to buy is nowhere to be found.  I wish when you pinned something it ended up in your closest instead of staying on a virtual board making me pine for it even more.  The good thing about pinterest is it has turned into more of a style inspiration guide to me.  I find different looks and try to mirror some of my own pieces to match how other people wear them on pinterest.  Since I am such a jewelry nut I literally could spend hours looking at all the different things pinned on there.  Below are some of my Friday favorite finds on pinterest that have me drooling.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My dirty little tanning secret.

For anyone that knows me I have pale skin.  Typically I will fake bake to get some color and not look sick.  However the thought of getting skin cancer scares the hell out of me.  I follow a lot of beauty bloggers and recently found a good response from the sunless tanning product million dollar tan.  I had figured I would give it a try.  I had ordered a small bottle (4oz) for $22.00 bucks including shipping.  The small bottle will give you around 8 tans which is pretty good considering if you go somewhere to get a spray tan its $20.  They also offer a extreme tan but because I am so pale I didnt want to look so shocking I was going for more of a natural look.  The color comes on immediately which makes it easy to tell what areas need more or less.  The product comes with a blotting sponge to rub out any streaks.  The sponge came in pretty handy.  The tricky part obviously was by back.  I had Rob apply the tanner to my back.  There is no way anyone could do there own back and make it look good so another person is definitely necessary.  We joked as the tanner was being applied that I would come out looking like a ompa lompa.  Another tricky part was my face.  I was very hesitant to put any of the product on my face.  However I knew if I didn't I would have a super white face and tan body.  For your face it is suggested to mix the tanner into your daily moisturizer.  I did that however I think I need to apply another coat to my face today.  I would rather it be light than shocking on my face at work.  Overall so far I am pretty happy with the product.  I don't know yet how long this tan will last but I will give you a update once I know more.  And the good thing about this product its vegan and not tested on animals which is a huge selling point for me.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I've been up to.....

Spring is officially here (big smiles).  I hate wearing pants as werid as it sounds I hate it.  And because I have such hate for pants I literally have like 3 pairs of work pants.  I wear skirts and dresses 90% of the time unless I'm being a lazy bum.....then pants are my go to.  This past week we hit up a couple spring training games (go cubs).  Enjoying the weather outside.....Eating outside every chance I get.  I'm in the process of rotating my closet which can be scary.  So far the things that I have tried on from last year still fit (thank God).  I have been continuing to work out.  I have been trying different work outs trying to figure out what I like best.  I continue to come back to the elliptical and yoga combo.  I'm beyond excited we ordered a new couch for the living room this week.   We decided that we are going to start buying piece by piece towards home improvements.  I am now looking for a table to go behind our couch.  We were talking how we dont have very many random like nick-nacks or picture frames and no where to put them.  So that is going to hopefully be my next find.  Below are some pictures from this past week.