Thursday, March 14, 2013

My dirty little tanning secret.

For anyone that knows me I have pale skin.  Typically I will fake bake to get some color and not look sick.  However the thought of getting skin cancer scares the hell out of me.  I follow a lot of beauty bloggers and recently found a good response from the sunless tanning product million dollar tan.  I had figured I would give it a try.  I had ordered a small bottle (4oz) for $22.00 bucks including shipping.  The small bottle will give you around 8 tans which is pretty good considering if you go somewhere to get a spray tan its $20.  They also offer a extreme tan but because I am so pale I didnt want to look so shocking I was going for more of a natural look.  The color comes on immediately which makes it easy to tell what areas need more or less.  The product comes with a blotting sponge to rub out any streaks.  The sponge came in pretty handy.  The tricky part obviously was by back.  I had Rob apply the tanner to my back.  There is no way anyone could do there own back and make it look good so another person is definitely necessary.  We joked as the tanner was being applied that I would come out looking like a ompa lompa.  Another tricky part was my face.  I was very hesitant to put any of the product on my face.  However I knew if I didn't I would have a super white face and tan body.  For your face it is suggested to mix the tanner into your daily moisturizer.  I did that however I think I need to apply another coat to my face today.  I would rather it be light than shocking on my face at work.  Overall so far I am pretty happy with the product.  I don't know yet how long this tan will last but I will give you a update once I know more.  And the good thing about this product its vegan and not tested on animals which is a huge selling point for me.  

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