Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I've been up to.....

Spring is officially here (big smiles).  I hate wearing pants as werid as it sounds I hate it.  And because I have such hate for pants I literally have like 3 pairs of work pants.  I wear skirts and dresses 90% of the time unless I'm being a lazy bum.....then pants are my go to.  This past week we hit up a couple spring training games (go cubs).  Enjoying the weather outside.....Eating outside every chance I get.  I'm in the process of rotating my closet which can be scary.  So far the things that I have tried on from last year still fit (thank God).  I have been continuing to work out.  I have been trying different work outs trying to figure out what I like best.  I continue to come back to the elliptical and yoga combo.  I'm beyond excited we ordered a new couch for the living room this week.   We decided that we are going to start buying piece by piece towards home improvements.  I am now looking for a table to go behind our couch.  We were talking how we dont have very many random like nick-nacks or picture frames and no where to put them.  So that is going to hopefully be my next find.  Below are some pictures from this past week. 

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